1.    The Ghost Writer: Fiction or reality?
         Making of and EPK for Roman Polanski's The Ghost Writer

     Laurent Bouzereau

     Elfte Babelsberg Film GmbH Potsdam, 60min, HDCam    view film trailer

  1.    B-52 
         Hartmut Bitomsky

     CoFilm Hamburg, 109 min, 35 mm, Berlinale Forum    view film trailer


  1.    When The Wall Came Tumbling Down - 50 Hours That Changed The World 

     Gunther Scholz, Hans-Herman Hertle

     Cineimpuls Berlin, 89min, DigilBetacam


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  1.    Violin Solo

     Karin Malwitz

     KAMA Film Frankfurt, 45min, 35mm

     finalist German Short Film Price    view film trailer

  1.    Find Your Way Back

     Yoo Guhn Tay

     CalArts, Los Angeles, 25min, 16mm

  1.    Vademecum Vitalis

     Martin Robacki

     HFF-Babelsberg, 24min, 35mm

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     Fiction - 2nd Unit

  1.    The Ghost Writer (camera operator video segments)

     Roman Polanski, DoP Pawel Edelman

     Elfte Babelsberg Film GmbH Potsdam, 128min    view film trailer

  1.    Hunt for Troy (2nd unit camera)

     Dror Zahavi, DoP Gero Steffen
     teamWorx Berlin, 2x 90min, 16mm

  1.    Berlin Airlift (2nd unit camera)

     Dror Zahavi, DoP Gero Steffen

     teamWorx Berlin, 2x 90min, 16mm

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     Spot, Music Video & VIDEO ART

  1.    Twin Game (Zwillingsspiel)
         Martin Robacki
         Robacki Production Berlin, DV & HD (ARRI D-20  view film

  2.    Siemens - UMTS
         Andreas Schlosser
         Intervideo Mainz, 9 spots, 16mm
         Award of Master - Corporate Media

  3.    Tattoos
         Thor Freudenthal
         Sony Picture Entertainment, Imageworks Los Angeles, Super35    view film

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  1.    CalArts - California Institute Of The Arts

     School of Film-Video, Live Action Program
     Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

  1.    HFF Potsdam-Babelsberg

     Film and Television Academy (HFF) Konrad Wolf, Cinematography Program

     Diplom-Kameramann (MFA equivalent)

  1.    As Good As It Gets (TriStar)
         James L. Brooks, starring Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, Cuba Gooding Jr.
         special intern with John Bailey, ASC

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  1.    dma - die medienakademie

     Film and Television Program, Cinematography

     Lectures on Camera and Lighting

     Berlin, Germany 2010 - 2013

  1.    IAFT - International Academy of Film and Television

     Mentor Program, lectureship

     Seminars on Camera and Lighting, Underwater Cinematography

     Cebu, Philippines 2006

  1.    CvO - Carl von Ossietzky University

     Department 2, Arts/Media, lectureship
     Seminar on Applied Media Art - Camera Art Work in Theory and Practice

     Oldenburg, Germany 2003 - 2004


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     further information

  1.    born on 25. August 1964 in Berlin, Germany

  2.    driving license (all classes)

     sport boat and scuber diving license

  1.    travel and work experience in 43 countries
         4 years USA, 1 year Middle East, Philipines, Afghanistan

  2.    German native, fluent English

  3.    member of the German Society of Cinematographers - BVK

     download filmography

  1.    Filmography Camera Volker Langhoff

  1.    Filmography Camera Operator Volker Langhoff

  2.    CV Volker Langhoff Cinematography

  1.    CV Volker Langhoff Europass Format


  1.    crew-united

  2.    imdb - internet movie data base 

  3.    BVK - German Society of Cinematographers

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