The major German publishing house Droemer/Knauer (Holtzbrinck Group) goes new ways in book marketing. "Zwillingsspiel - Twin Game" the first novel by screen writer Markus Stromiedel  is  introduced by a film trailer in a nationwide campaign on movie screens.

The trailer was filmed with  the ARRI D-20, Arri's high end camera for Digital Cinema and preceded  the screenings of Steven Spielbergs "Indiana Jones And The Kindom Of The Crystal Scull" in German cinemas.

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  1. Internet Trailer (miniDV)

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Berlin, Germany - the capital is shaken by a terrorist attack. A powerful bomb is killing seven people at a railroad station. Amongst them the only daughter of a very influential government consultant.

To his own surprise the low ranking police officer Paul Selig becomes the head of the investigation unit. Due to his introverted character he feels usually much more comfortable holding less responsibility when working on small jobs in the background. He is just the opposite of his twin sister Lisa who was always picking on him since early childhood.

During the investigation Selig finds more and more disturbing clues. Did he get the case because of his low success rate? To whom it would be of interest if this case will not be solved?

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