We create this world of gravity and light …

a flock of redwings flitting through the fog …

John Burnside - Apostasy

Images need care and love.
Thomas Schadt

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About Me

My main focus of work lies in the areas of cinematography and lighting design, but I love and cover several other areas and fields of creative and technical media production.

During my 20+ years career as a cinematographer I worked on low-budget arts projects as well as on mayor film productions. I have traveled 50 countries, filmed and interviewed world leaders in Moscow and the White House in Washington D.C., I participated in canoe expeditions in Northern Canada, filmed on airplanes and helicopters, underwater and on a 100 meters harbour crane far east of Vladivostok …

So far I worked and taught in Nollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood and was invited to teach in Seoul as a professor.

I had the fortune to dine with homeless people in Kabul and billionaires in Los Angeles. On my way I saw light and dark, war and peace - but always met outstanding people everywhere in the world!

Now, back home here in Berlin, next to filming, I am focussing on teaching, consulting and project development.

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