If you want to build a ship,
don't drum up the men to gather wood, 

divide the work and give orders. 

Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

My Teaching Activities


SeoulArts - Seoul Institute of the Arts

Resident Artist and Full-Time Professor for Cinematography
Department of Film, Television and Interactive Media
Cinematography I to IV, various art projects and hands-on training

close cooperation with the Goethe Institute
Seoul, South-Korea 2017 - 2019


UE - University of Europe for Applied Sciences

Film and Motion Design

VFX Workshop 

Berlin 2021 - 2022

Wave Akademie für Digitale Medien

Film Production and Directing
Seminars on Camera Technologies, Image and Lighting Design

Berlin, Germany 2021- 2022 

HMKW - Hochschule für Medien, Kommunikation und Wirtschaft

University of Applied Sciences

Graphic Design and Visual Communication

Lectures on Time-Based Media

Berlin, Germany 2013 - 2015

dma - die medienakademie
Film and Television Program, Cinematography

Lectures on Camera and Lighting

Berlin, Germany 2010 - 2013


Training of Afghan Journalists and Cameramen

Kabul, Afghanistan 2011 - 2012

Ostfalia - University of Applied Sciences
Faculty Transport-Sports-Tourism-Media
Seminars on Lighting and Cinematography

Salzgitter, Germany 2009 - 2011

L4 - Institute for Digital Communication
Lectures on Camera and Lighting

Berlin, Germany 2008 - 2009

FAM - Fernseh Akademie Mitteldeutschland
Academy for Television and Broadcasting Central Germany
Seminars on Camera and Lighting
Leipzig, Germany 2007 - 2011

DEKRA University of Applied Science

today SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

Film and TV Program, Camera Seminar 

Workshops on Camera and Lighting

Berlin, Germany 2007 - 2008

IAFT - International Academy of Film and Television
Mentor Program, Lectureship

Seminars on Camera and Lighting, Underwater Cinematography

Cebu, Philippines 2006

CvO - Carl von Ossietzky University
Department 2, Arts/Media, lectureship
Seminar on Applied Media Art - Camera Art Work in Theory and Practice

Oldenburg, Germany 2003 - 2004

Workshops and Guest Lectures

SAE Institute Berlin

Master Class - Meet The Professional

Hands on Camera and Lights
Berlin, Germany 2023 - 2024

Donguk University

Department of Film and Digital Media

Lecture on the philosophy of light and lighting 

Seoul, South Korea 2017 - 2018 

Green Me Festival - Berlin

Filmmaking Workshop 

Berlin, Germany 2017 

HFF - University of Television and Film Munich

SFT - Study Center for Film Technology at the HFF Munich

International IMAGO-Conference Teaching Cinematography 

Postgraduate Training - Master Classes Hands-on international

Workshop Anamorphic Lenses

Munich, Germany 2017

Green Me Festival - Los Angeles

Filmmaking Workshop 

Los Angeles, USA 2016 

Whistling Woods International

Cinematography Department

Master Class Cinematography

Mumbai, India 2016

Green Me Festival - Lagos

Filmmaking Workshop 

Lagos, Nigeria 2016

Kabul University
Fine Arts Faculty, Cinema Program

Master Class Cinematography

Kabul, Afghanistan 2012

eDIT - The Filmmaker's Festival

Workshop Making Pictures - RAW Data- Workshop 

(ARRI Raw und IRIDAS Speedgrade)

in collaboration with Rolf Coulanges

Frankfurt/M 2010

Mediadesign - University of Applied Sciences
Media Management
Motion Design/Film Production

Berlin 2009

UP - University of the Philippines
College of Arts and Sciences, Film Program

Film 114 (Film Production II) 

workshop with Nap Jamir 

Manila, Philippines 2008

BulSU - Bulacan State University
Seminar on Basic Filmmaking
Institute of Arts and Letters

Malolos, Philippines 2006 & 2008

asfh - Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences
Seminars with Katrin Becker

Berlin, Germany 2003

CalArts - California Institute of the Arts
School Film/Video, teaching assistant of Kris Malkiewicz

Valencia/Los Angeles, USA 1994 - 1996

My Maxime

Teaching is more than a job.

Teaching is a form of art.

Teaching is about creating an inspiring environment 

rather than just feeding information. 

Teaching is more about asking the right questions 

than it is about merely providing information.

As we all know teaching is hard work - 

but there are great rewards with sharing one's knowledge.

I love to explore and to share my professional experiences 

in filmmaking and life.

I do love teaching.