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You always told me it takes time.
It’s taken my father’s time, my mother’s time. 

My uncle’s time, my brother’s and my sister’s time. 

My niece’s and my nephew’s time. 

How much time do you want, for your progress …?

James Baldwin


Not many are aware of the fact that the entertainment industry possesses a large environmental footprint. A feature film can easily create a carbon footprint of more than 1.000 metric tons of CO2 equivalent, a tentpole production way more than 3.300 tons (please see the study of the Sustainable Production Alliance for reference).

I would like to make here my personal contribution to limit environmental destruction and global warming. 

Working as a cinematographer in the entertainment business for 20+ years I know about the arts and crafts of the business. Therefor I fully understand the needs of the director and the creative crew and on the other hand understand the financial and time constrains producers are under.

As an IHK certified Green Consultant and members of the Federal Association of Green Film & TV Consultants Germany e.V. I consult on various media and event productions. For some of my projects I team-up with my friend and colleague Ingo Ehrlich and his CO NULL project . 

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