Film Clips - Professional Work

Due to copyrights restrains below just a very few excerpts from my work.


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Film Clips - No Budget

Film Clips - Film School Projects


Documentary (Trailer)

Director: Günter Heinze, Achim Engelberg
Position: Cinematographer


Documentary (non-official Trailer)

Director: Hartmut Bitomsky

Position: Cinematographer

The Cast of The Ghostwriter

EPK/Making of/Documentary

Director:Laurent Bouzereau

Position: Cinematographer

The Ghost Writer

Feature Film (non-official Trailer)

Director: Roman Polanski

Director of Photography: Pawel Edelman

Position: Additional Photography

Raum 4070

Documentary (nonofficial Trailer)

Director: Torsten Striegnitz, Jana Calms

Position: Cinematographer

Kocks Krane GmbH - Feeder Server 

Corporate Film

Director: Marc Thümmler

Position: Cinematographer

MBL - Der Musikliebhaber


Director: Albert Heiser

Position: Cinematographer